How to instil reading habits in children

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How to instil reading habits in children

When asked how children can cultivate good reading habits, I suggest that parents should provide their children with good quality books. I also recommend, off the cuff, a few famous books. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


What if we find some material prepared by kids and for kids, I thought! I carried out an exploration, and soon came across an interesting website which has hundreds of stories to choose from. And the writers are aged between 8 and 13! In addition, one can listen to (and read along) some of the stories read out by the authors themselves. Isn’t that fun?


What if one likes poetry, you may ask! Well, the website has some fantastic poems too! Believe me, the website has many more such things than what I have mentioned here. I am not going to tell you everything. Why? Because I want you to visit this website and discover what is up for grabs!


Do please share your views with me after you have explored the site.


Happy reading, happy sharing!


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