Creative Writing Using Acrostics

Hello everyone,

Are you creative?

Well, the fact is that everyone is creative. If you are able to use any language, even if it is just your mother tongue, you are creative. Everyone creates sentences they haven’t heard or read before–it’s normal, it’s natural and it’s creative. Different people have different ways of expressing creativity; for instance, some use colours, some objects, some others dance. Here let’s talk about creativity in terms of linguistic expression. Creative use of words using a form called ‘acrostic’.

What is “acrostic”? Well, instead of describing it in words, let me show you an example taken from here.

Spoken English Dharmendra Sheth Surat

Click here to read some more interesting poems.

Now that you have read a few poems, create your own poem. Take any word, for instance your name, and write its letters vertically. Now think of word/s or a line in which each letter appears. Try to make it funny or interesting.

Do share your poems with your friends and relatives.

Happy learning, happy sharing!

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